The Mexican League recently held a presidential meeting that endorsed a brief season schedule of 66 matches, while accepting two new franchises as the first LMB expansion teams in 30 years. There are now 18 teams in two divisions.

The regular fighting seasons in the league begin Thursday 20 May, when the Monterrey Sultans travel to Monclova to play against defending champion Asirius, who won their first pennant in 2019. After one night, nine matches are planned. The regular season will take place through Thursday 5 August, followed by the post-season with 12 teams whose sidewalks are determined by winning percentages lost. There are four playoff stages (each of the best seven series), with the Del Rey Series being played from Monday 6 September to Tuesday 14 September, if needed.

There will be no all-star match this season. Teams will be allowed to promote seven foreigners on their active rosters in 2021, with three others on the reserve list (which will expand from 38 to 60 per team to allow depth enough to avoid game cancellation due to the Wuhan virus continuing with the major league. Current agreement in March.

The Guadalajara Mariachis

One of the expansion clubs, Guadalajara Mariachis, will join the Northern Division while Veracruz Aguilas will serve as the ninth team from LMB South. The meeting of presidents approved both concessions, although neither of them paid their entrance fees. Veracruz appointed a player from the 2012 championship team, Leo Rodriguez III, as the coach. Leo Rodriguez, the grandson of Salon de la Fama member, the youngest, spent 15 years (seven in Veracruz) at LMB as a hunter before retiring after the 2017 season. This will be his first season as a veteran president. Reportedly, Guadalajara also chose his first manager but has yet to reveal his name due to the confidentiality agreement. Monterrey will also open the season with a new manager as former Yankees player Roberto Kelly (who led the Sultan’s team to the Fall 2018 title and was named Director of the Year) decided to suspend 2021 to address concerns about the pandemic and express a desire to work with one of his sons should have the prospect of a June draft. Coming.

Team manager

Homar Rojas, Kelly Bank coach, will be the champion ten times. Rojas made his debut for the Sultanate national team in 1982 as the 18-year-old fishing player starting his 23-year career as a player. Born in Nuevo León, he previously headed five LMB teams for 13 years and was General Manager twice. He also won two captains in the Mexican Pacific League and led Monterrey to the record 22:39 in 2019-20, his first season of winter football at the Mex Pac.

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