Every fantasy football player has experienced playing for the first time. Welcome if this is yours! You’ll adore it, and more importantly, you’ll enjoy football even more. For newcomers, fantasy football can seem overwhelming, but we can simplify it for you. We’ll have you playing fantasy football in no time if you follow these simple steps.

What is fantasy football?

Fantasy football isn’t particularly challenging. Every week, you choose your roster of players for your squad. Then, as you observe, they run, pass, grab, and score touchdowns that each count toward your fantasy team’s points total. You and another member of your league are paired up each week, and the person with the highest fantasy points that week wins! The following week, we repeated the process once more. The fantasy playoffs follow the same rules as the big leagues: win to advance, qualify for the playoffs, or lose to have your season ended. They occur in the last few weeks of the NFL’s regular season. That’s how easy it is.

novice fantasy football drafting

A lot has undoubtedly already been said about how much fun fantasy football draughts are. It is one of the best days of the year, and some fantasy football fans spend months preparing for it and studying like it’s the SATs. You’re not forced to, though. In actuality, you’ve already completed most of the work. We rate every player you’d need to fill up your squad in the order we’d take them. If you’re doing an online draught, you can set your team to “Autodraft,” and we’ll put together a competitive team for you. We can also assist you with setting up your auto-draft list and strategy.

However, even if you choose to draught yourself, which is half the pleasure of playing in a fantasy league in the first place, there are still nuances to consider. It might not be the best option if the most outstanding player available is a quarterback, and you already have one. Follow Field Yates’ 10 fundamental drafting principles, and no one in your league will know that this is your first time doing it.

A cheat sheet for beginners in fantasy football

While our rankings and projections are readily available when you draught online, you might still require the classic fantasy football cheat sheet. We advise the Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet for Beginners for first-time drafters. It has the same data as our deeper cheat sheet, but it is sorted round by round and comes with a short set of instructions from Mike Clay, our fantasy rankings and predictions guru.

What position would you play in fantasy football?

You’re almost ready to play, but don’t forget to name your team—one of fantasy football’s most entertaining features. Some folks enjoy making it sound like their hometown sports team. Others play in leagues where the name of each group must be inspired by a superhero, Renaissance artist, or cereal company. Making a pun off the name of one of your favorite players, especially if he is on your team, is the most well-liked and entertaining strategy. Please give it some thought or none, but remember that your team’s name will influence people’s first views of it.

Preseason fantasy football research

You should research if you have some extra time before your draught. Although there is a wealth of fantasy football knowledge available, if you are a football fan, you probably already have a solid understanding of which players are good and which are not. Finding out what has changed from last season is the key to conducting effective fantasy football research. For instance, did you know that Tyreek Hill is no longer a member of the Chiefs? Moreover, Davante Adams plays for the Raiders. If you haven’t already, read Eric Moody’s list of the 12 fantasy football developments since the Super Bowl, or even if you want a fast refresher.

Prepare to draught!

I’m done now! You are all set to go! Welcome to the fantasy football world of fun and excitement. We’re happy to receive you, and we’ll be here for the duration of the season to assist you in managing your roster to victory. Want to put everything you’ve learned so far into practice? Before the natural draught, enter a mock one and practice as often as you like. Have fun and good luck!

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