Write a sports guest post

We often get asked if we accept guest posts submissions, and we do as we believe our readers deserve to get a spectrum of views and┬ásports news. Also, our staff writers are blinked on their preferred sports and teams, so we like to see others’ views.

If you submit an informative and high-quality sports article then we will promote you as the author, giving you exposure to a larger audience. If popular you could become a regular paid contributor to the sports blog. 

We are always looking for regular contributors so if you want to write for a sports blog, just get in touch. All we ask for is a bit of transparency in your communication.

Please read the house rules below before submitting a sports guest post or an article for submission

Guest Post Guidelines

Length: A minimum of 500 words. We may split articles longer than 1500 into a series.
Paragraphs: Divide your content into clear and short paragraphs to make it more readable.

Links: All links out cannot breach google policy and should be informative. Please do not submit promotional links unless you have discussed this first. We mean this whole-heartedly, we love to help writers but if you spin a line that you are looking for exposure and try to sneak a promotional link in there you are just wasting your time.
Media:  If you have a preference on what copyright-free images you want to use, please include these with your article. This is vital that they are not copyrighted, and please do not just take images of other sites.